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Enjoy a total body workout at our very own state-of-the-art health club, DR Fitness. Our trainers will be by your side at the drop of a hat to ensure that you achieve to the best of your ability during each session. Whether to do strengthening exercises or cardiovascular workout, our multi-gym with steam & sauna constitutes of some of the latest equipment of the season that allows you to pace yourself according to your individual needs.

Spectacular view of the international airport, Rooftop swimming pool and Jacuzzi using facilities, DVD player and LCD TV with a collection of workout DVDs, Fitness consultant to diagnose your target areas for customized improvement. Extended workout stations, latest gym installments, strengthening exercises or cardiovascular workout, multi-gym with steam & sauna.

Ranges from Single, Couple and Family Membership packages with Annual, Semiannual, Monthly and Daily usage.

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